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Dr Jan Rudiger (FRCA, FFPMRCA, PhD)

Dr Jan Rudiger

Dr Jan Rudiger is a consultant in anaesthesia and pain management at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill, UK, since 2013. He has trained as an anaesthetist and is a member of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the associated Pain Faculty, and he is registered with the General Medical Council.
He qualified as a medical doctor in Germany in 1997, where he acquired his PhD. He worked 3 years as a research fellow in The Netherlands and Germany and developed an early interest in pain medicine. In 2004, he moved to the Uk and continued and completed his training in anaesthesia and pain medicine.

Dr Rudiger has a wide range of skills and experience in anaesthetising patients for a various different surgical specialities and in the treatment of acute pain and chronic pain conditions. His specialist interests include regional anaesthesia, enhanced recovery programme, patient information, education and satisfaction and the treatment of acute and chronic pain.
While working as an anaesthetist in the Uk, he realised that there was a fundamental lack of information for patients undergoing an operation to be able to make an informed decision about their anaesthetic and alternatives before an operation. Through this website he is committed to provide succinct and compact information about anaesthesia and operations and pain relief to patients long before having an operation. In addition, information about pain management in chronic conditions is provided.

Patients are often told the type of operation weeks or months ahead of the procedure and are now able to choose their operation with the help of this website to inform themselves of different anaesthetic techniques and pain relief methods. It also empowers them to ask specific questions when they are meeting the anaesthetist on the day and to make an informed decision about the type of anaesthetic and available pain relief methods together with the anaesthetist.

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience on our site by completing one of the following forms for information about an operation or to provide content for this website.

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We are constantly expanding and updating the provided information.

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We developed this website together with Dr. Jan Rudiger to provide information about different anaesthetic methods and about pain management to patients.

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