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"The patient journey" illustrates what happens before, during and after a planned operation (from the decision to operate until you return home)

Video: Your Operation at East Surrey Hospital

This checklist may be helpful in the preparation of your operation and hospital stay if it is required.

The anaesthetist will review you before the operation, anaesthetise and look after you during the operation and supervise your recovery.

The surgeon will examine, investigate and consent you before the operation, carry out the operation and will review you after the operation.

You will be seen and assessed in a pre-assessment clinic by a nurse or an anaesthetist either days or weeks before the operation or at the latest on the day of the operation. Investigations may be carried out and you will be adviced on when to stop eating and drinking and general information how to prepare yourself for the anaesthetic and operation. Most hospitals hand out information leaflets with regard to your operation and anaesthetic.

ASA stands for American Society of Anaesthetists. The ASA - classification is used by anaesthetists to assess the health status and the medical background of patients in the planning of the anaesthetic and operation.

Information will usually be given to you during the pre-operative assessment by the specialist nurse days or weeks before the operation. This includes when to stop eating and drinking, how to take or stop your medication and when to stop smoking.

You may be prescribed certain medications in preparation of your anaesthetic. Thess may be sedatives (calming medication), pain killers or cream to numb the skin for the insertion of a cannula.

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