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Refers to the admission of a patient for a planned operation at the hospital, and if the patient returns home after the operation on the same day.

This checklist may be helpful in the preparation of your operation and hospital stay if it is required.

Information will usually be given to you during the pre-operative assessment by the specialist nurse days or weeks before the operation. This includes when to stop eating and drinking, how to take or stop your medication and when to stop smoking.

This is a list of questions you might want to ask your surgeon and anaesthetist before the operation to make an informed decision. Patients are more and more involved in the decision making process what type of surgery and anaesthetic is carried out.

Information about the transfusion of blood  and possible alternatives to avoid blood transfusion or if you don't want to receive donated blood.

Common questions and answers about your anaesthetic and operation.

Information and tipps for the consent for treatment.

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