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How long does the surgery take ?

Surgical time is variable and depends on many factors (extend of the operation, complications from surgery, technique and skills of the surgeon, co-morbidities of the patient) Your surgeon and anaesthetist will see you before the operation and will be able to give you an estimate.

How long will I be asleep for ?

You are usually going to sleep 10-15 minutes before the operation and 10-15 minutes after the operation. However, the time taken to wake up after an operation and a general anaesthetic is variable and depends on your age, health, alcohol intake, smoking and use of recreational drugs.

Can I eat and drink before the operation ?

You are allowed to eat until 6 hours before the operation, and you can drink clear fluids (water, juice without bits, balck tea and coffee without milk until 2 hours before the operation). You will be given advice with your pre-admission appointment or appointment letter, depending on the time of the operation.

Can I have chewing gum before the operation ?

Some anaesthetist strictly advise against chewing gum within 6 hours before your operation as for solid food. Other anaesthetists are happy with chewing gum until 2 hours before the operation. It is generally advisable not to have chewing gum within 6 hours before the operation.

Can I smoke before the operation ?

Smoking can make the airways irritable and may lead to excessive secretions and coughing after the anaesthetic. It is advisable to stop smoking as long before the operation as possible. You should not smoke on the day of the operation.

Can I fly after an operation ?

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