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Information about general anaesthesia and possible complications. The patient will be asleep / completely unconscious and won't feel any pain during the operation.

Local Anaesthesia for Venous Cannulation

A simple procedure to reduce / eliminate the pain of an intravenous cannulation.

Here I show how to painlessly insert a large bore intravenous device.

The patient involved gave her consent to this video.

Why isn't everyone doing it?

(Published with permission of the author: Dr M. Mackenzie.)

Information about regional anaesthesia and possible complications. This includes nerve blocks, spinal and epidural injections which can be used as the sole anaesthetic with or without sedation or in combination with a general anaesthetic.

Some operations can be carried out with the localised infiltration / injection of local anaesthetic around the area of surgery or around the nerves going to the area of the operation (by "freezing these nerves"). This is standard practice for some operations (e.g. hand operations), or it may be considered in sick patients to avoid possible complications of a general anaesthetic, e.g. in a hernia operation.

Sedation is the administration of a drug to calm the nervous system down or to provide a state of sleepiness.

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