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  • Advantages are early return to the familiar environment, faster recovery, less stressful, improved patient compliance and satisfaction
  • Patients need to be selected appropriately (operations should be less invasive, little or no blood loss expected and if the patient hasn't got to many illnesses)
  • Different anaesthetic techniques can be used (including general, regional anaesthesia and sedation)
  • Discharge criteria usually include good pain control, no sickness, able to walk and go to the toilet and the ability to drink and eat, the ability to pass water
  • Patients need to be picked up from the hospital and accompanied home. A partner, friend or relative needs to stay with the patient overnight
  • Post – operative pain should be well controlled before discharge home and the patient should have received a sufficient supply of pain killers
  • Very few patienst have to be re-admitted to the hospital if they develop post – operative complications (severe or worsening pain, persistent sickness, inability to pass urine)

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