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  • List of medication, allergies and medical conditions
  • Normal medication in the morning of the operation as per advice
  • Personal belongings (e.g. wear comfortable clothes, dressing gown, slippers, tooth brush etc.)

  • No valuables, small amounts of money (incl. car parking fees)
  • For day cases: You need somebody to pick you up and to stay for 24 hours (Do not drive or go home unaccompanied)

  • Fasting: No solid food 6 hours before operation, clear drink 2 hours before operation. No chewing gum.
  • Do not smoke for at least 24 hours before and after the operation
  • Do not wear make-up, cream, lotion, nail varnish, jewellery before admission to hospital
  • Bring containers for glasses, jewellery, contact lenses, artificial teeth, hearing aids
  • Ensure that you have a supply of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen at home to manage pain after the operation

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