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Pain killers

Pain killers can be given as tablets, liquids, suppositories, injections into a vein or muscle, local anaesthetic infiltration, spinal anaesthesia, epidural anaesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks.

Oral tablets or liquids

(taken before and after the operation)

  • You have to be able to eat and drink (not suitable if you’re sick or vomiting)
  • Take about 30 minutes to work
  • May not be sufficient to control severe pain (request more as prescribed)


(given before and after the operation)

  • May be given prior to the operation
  • Useful if you are sick or can’t swallow


(administered before, during and after the operation)

  • Administered into the vein, intramuscular or subcutaneously
  • Pain killers, Anti-sickness, Anti-itching, Anti-inflammatory drugs

PCA – Patient controlled analgesia

(given after the operation)

  • A pump will be attached to your drip and you can administer a small bolus of a strong pain killer yourself by pressing a button (e.g. Morphine)
  • It is safe if only are using it, and a lockout between the boluses prevents overdosing

Local anaesthetic infiltration

(administered during the operation)

  • Administered by the surgeon in and around the wound
  • It may reduce pain for several hours after the operation

Spinal / Epidural

(sited before the operation)

  • A spinal is a single injection into the lower back to numb the lower part of the body as single anaesthetic or in combination with a general anaesthetic
  • An epidural is a small plastic catheter inserted into the lower back. It may be removed at the end of the operation or stay in place for pain relief for a few days

Peripheral nerve blocks

(administered before, during or after the operation)

  • Injection of local anaesthetic around a nerve or nerve bundle by the anaesthetist with or without the use of ultrasound
  • It can also be used as sole anaesthetic
  • It can provide good pain relief for many hours up to a couple of days after the operation

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