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After the operation, you will be taken to the recovery room.

A recovery nurse will look after you by observing your vital signs (measuring blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and pain)

You will be given medication for pain relief, sickness, shivering and fluids +/- blood, antibiotics into the vein as required. Tablets may also be given with some water if tolerated. Suppositories are an alternative if a patient is unable to drink.

Your surgeon or anaesthetist may have ordered investigations as required (e.g. a chest X-ray after a larger operation when a central line / neck line has been inserted)

A warming device (e.g. Bair Hugger) and compression device to your legs (such as compression stockings, Flowtron device) may be appplied.

As soon as you are more awake and pain and sickness are well controlled you will be taken to the days surgical unit in the hospital for day case procedures or to a hospital ward if you need to stay overnight.

Parents of small children are often allowed to come to the recovery room as soon as their child wakes up.

Oral intake (drinking and eating) is usually encouraged to start with clear fluids such as water or squash, followed by tea / coffee and a small light meal as appropriate.

Sick patients who need closer monitoring will be taken to a High Dependency Unit or INtensive Care Unit as required.

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