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Investigations may be carried out in the recovery room or later on the ward or in both locations depending on the circumstances.

For some operations (large operations, sicker patients) arterial lines may have been inserted and the recovery nurse may draw some blood from these lines and carry out a blood gas analysis.

Additionally blood may be sent to the lab to investigate the full blood count, clotting and electrolytes / U&E's and/or group and save / cross-match of blood (e.g. if there has been a larger blood loss to determine if you need a blood transfusion)

Diabetic patients will have their blood sugar levels (BM's) checked to see if they need either a glucose or insulin infusion.

More specialised blood tests may be required in certain circumstances (e.g. Troponin in case of a suspected or likely heart attack, D-Dimers if a blood clot in the lungs (PE) or in the leg veins (DVT) is assumed, Tryptase-levels if you had an allergic reaction to a drug.

A Chest X-ray may be required after insertion of a central (neck) line or a Picc-line or if a lung puncture (pneumothorax) is suspected

A bone X-ray may be required after repair of a fracture or after plastering or a CT-scan may be necessary after a brain operationor or with increased pain or distension after an operation to the abdomen (tummy) or pelvis

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