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Operations - H

Surgical Removal of Haemorrhoids (Piles)
Surgical removal of a part of the sigmoid colon (large bowel) +/- part of the rectum due to a blockage (tumour), perforation or infection. It is either carried with keyhole surgery (laparoscopic) or open (in emergencies). The rectum is usually closed and a colostomy / stoma is formed (the end of the bowel is brought to the surface of the left abdomen. The bowel content is collected in a plastic bag. You will usually be seen by a stoma nurse either prior to the operation or after the operation.
Replacement of the femoral head with a prosthesis after a neck of femur fracture
Removal of either the right or left half of the large bowel that is either not working properly or is diseased (e.g. due to cancer). The operation can be carried out open or laparoscopically (keyhole surgery)
Removal of the old hip joint and replacement with an artificial joint
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