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Removal of lower leg/knee and formation of a stump (after trauma or with underperfusion due to vascular disease)
Examination and surgery of the ankle (with key hole surgery) (e.g. for washout, removal of a cartilage or a loose body)
Replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee joint using patellar tendon +/- hamstring tendon (keyhole surgery or open surgery)
Removal of a bony lump on the side of the big toe and straightening of the big toe. A bunion is usually painful and can run in the family.
Surgical removal of a bursa (fluid-filled sac) in case of an inflammation and pain. It is non-cancerous tissue.
Internal Fixation of a neck of femur fracture with screws
The carpal ligament is cut at the inside of the wrist to release pressure in the carpal tunnel. The aim is to reduce pressure on the median nerve which may have caused weakness and numbness in the hand and fingers. The operation can be performed as open surgery or keyhole surgery with the same outcome/results.
Removal of a bony lump on the top of the main joint of the big toe. This is often caused by arthritis in the big toe and can be painful.
Surgical fixation of a broken collar bone with metal work (e.g. plate and screws)
Removal of thickened and tight tissue from the palm of your hand which is causing the fingers to be bent inwards.It is also called "Open Fasciectomy".
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