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Labour - Epidural for pain relief

Insertion of an epidural catheter at the lower back to relieve labour pain
  • Speciality Obstetrics, Pain Therapy 
  • Urgency elective, urgent 
  • Duration 20  to 45 min
  • Blood Loss none 
  • Anaesthesia Monitoring only, Local Anaesthetic 
  • Pain mild (+) 
  • Post-op Pain Epidural Infusion 1-3 days 
  • Hospital Stay 1   to 2 days
  • Full Recovery 1   to 7 days
  • Additional Info Epidural insertion ideally at cervical dilation of 2-4 cm, but can be performed at any stage of labour / It might not be possible if too close to delivery, e.g. expected delivery within 30 minutes 

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