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Manual removal of placenta

Manual removal of placenta (MROP) is the evacuation of the placenta from the uterus by hand. A hand is inserted through the vagina into the uterine cavity and the placenta is detached from the uterine wall and then removed manually.
  • Speciality Obstetrics 
  • Urgency urgent 
  • Duration 15  to 45 min
  • Blood Loss minimal  to 500 ml
  • Anaesthesia Regional Anaesthetic - Spinal 
  • Anaesthesia II Regional: Epidural top-up 
  • Pain mild (+) 
  • Post-op Pain II Tablets 
  • Hospital Stay 1   to 3 days
  • Full Recovery 5   to 10 days
  • Additional Info The third stage of labour commences with the completed delivery of the fetus and ends with the completed delivery of the placenta and its attached membranes. The length of the third stage itself is usually 5-15 minutes. A retained placenta is a placenta that doesn't undergo expulsion within a normal time limit. Risks of retained placenta include hemorrhage and infection. If the placenta fails to deliver in 30 minutes in a hospital environment, manual extraction may be required if heavy ongoing bleeding occurs 
  • More Information Royal Berkshire Hospital - Patient Leaflet 
  • created by Dr Agata Kapuscinska 

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